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Audio Books

The Homer Bookstore is proud to offer audio books through our partner, the only audio book provider that let’s you support your local bookstore. Choose from over 100,000+ audio books including New York Times Bestsellers. You can easily ​listen on any device (phone, ​tablet, or PC) as all audio books are DRM-free. Click on the "Explore" button to see what has to offer.

It's FREE to Sign Up!
Want a Monthly Membership?
It's Another Way to Support.

Create an account on the Homer Bookstore's own page on website, by clicking on the button above. Each audio book you purchase will go ​towards the support of Homer Bookstore. Then select your first audio book topurchase (either a-la-carte or sign-up for the monthly membership)  ​After your purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation email with instructions to download the iOS orAndroid App. You will then be able to sign into the app from your mobile device and download your audio book(s) and start listening! 

You can purchase and listen to audiobooks ​al-a-carte with no monthly charge. OR Sign up for a monthly membershhip. Your first month is FREE and then $14.99 per month when you start a monthly membership. The monthly fee equates to one audio book credit which you can use at anytime, for any of the 100,000+ audio books available on our site.

By choosing over other audio book services, you support your local independent bookstore --- Homer Bookstore—and invest in your local community.

                          ​THANK YOU!

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Check out this small sampling of Bestseller audio books from - Happy Listening!
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