Welcome to the Homer Bookstore, the oldest independent bookstore on the Kenai Peninsula, ​and is very likely the longest ​running general bookstore in Alaskan history.

NEW COVID HOURS: 11:00 to 5:00 Monday - Saturday!

Store open to limited number of shoppers at a time - must wear a mask - 

online shopping and curbside delivery still available.


Call 235-7496 if you have questions, or want to purchase a book by phone.

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We have four Autographed Books
by local authors available ​for purchase online.

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Audio Books from the Homer Bookstore

Are you "social distancing?" We now offer audiobooks which you can listen to on your iPhone, Android device, or PC while you're home staying safe. These audiobooks are available through our partner, Libro.fm, and all sales support our store.

People Are Always Talking About Us.

Indie Bob visited our store in the summer of 2018 and wrote a very flattering review. See it here:  http://theindiebobspot.blogspot.com/2018/09/the-homer bookstore-homer-ak.html
 "If you're in Homer and haven't been here yet (unbelievable!), good grief get with it. Visit a legendary bookstore

worthy of national recognition and the super people who work there."  - Indie Bob -

"The Homer Bookstore, sells new books to what's obviously a more intellectually demanding market than most.

The selection is phenomenal." Review from: The Lonely Planet Travel Guide, Alaska, 2009


More Goodies

Homer Bookstore Shirts


Children's--x-small - 2X-- $12.00

Adults--small through 2X

Short Sleeve--$15

Long Sleeve--$20

Sweatshirts - $40

Please email or call for current colors, availability, and/or to order.

Gift Certificates

Homer Bookstore gift certificates have no expiration date and no hidden fees. You always know how much is left on them - they are available anytime for any amount and are always a welcome gift. 

Frequent Buyer Cards

The Homer Bookstore offers Frequent
Buyer Cards. These are free for the
asking and you keep the card with you. Present the card at the time of
purchase and we record each sale (rounded off to the nearest dollar - pre-tax). When your card is full, you receive your average purchase back in the form of credit. Exclusions are: sale books, discounted books, and books purchased with a gift certificate.

Gourmet Chocolates

YUM! Choose from Chugach Chocolates (made in

Girdwood, Alaska), and Theo.


Like the book selection, the greeting cards are also individually hand-picked from dozens of card publishers, as well as some from local artists and photographers. This card selection (most of them blank inside) is often acclaimed by customers as the nicest card selection in Alaska.

Audio Books

Even audio books may be

purchased through the Homer Bookstore website.

Click here for more information.

The Crew

Jenny Stroyeck, Partner

Jenny came to Homer with a background in book-selling and archaeology. She was a former manager from the Alaskan Book Cache chain. She is married to local writer and science-fiction author, Michael Armstrong.

When Jenny isn't at the bookstore, she is either knitting, or skiing, or playing tennis, or marimba, or creating small works of art.


She is also the calming voice of reason who keeps the other two partners from throwing books at each other.

Sue Post, Partner

Sue has worked in bookstores off-and-on since she was fourteen; starting as an indentured servant at The Bookstore. She can do it all - except she hasn't yet mastered working in her sleep.

She is married to Jim Levine, an engineer who works as a project manager for a local contractor. When Sue isn't fixing her brother's computer mistakes at the store, she is either horseback riding, or skiing, or teaching puppy classes, or kayaking, or playing marimba.

Lee Post, Partner

Lee is closely related to Sue - in that they share the same parents. Lee has been a Homer Bookstore partner since the late 1970s. They keep him around because he comes in handy when things break. Sometimes he sells books.


When Lee isn't arguing with the computer at work, he is likely to either be working with animal bones, chasing birds, or kayaking. 


He is married to Mary Post, a computer addict, co-publisher of Lee's Bone Building Books (www.theboneman.com), and web designer.

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