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"The first cookbook from Alaskan homesteaders Eve and Eivin Kilcher features appealing recipes for anyone looking to live more sustainably, healthfully, and independently, no matter where they call home."

$30.00 Plus Shipping

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"For three centuries, the House of Ptolemy has governed the Kingdom of Egypt. Cleopatra – seventh of her name – rules from Alexandria, that beacon of commerce and learning that stands between the burning sands of the desert and the dark waters of the Middle Sea."

$29.95 Plus Shipping

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"Silk and Song is a trilogy about Marco Polo's granddaughter traveling the Silk Road west from 1322 to 1327, China to England."
This copy includes all three stories.

$29.95 Plus Shipping


By Deborah Klein and Janet Klein,

illustrated by EmmaLee Moore

$14.95 Plus Shipping

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