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The Homer Bookstore is staffed by  three partners and any of an assortment of incredible
employees we have been fortunate to find over the years.
The three partners are:
Jenny came to Homer with a background in book-selling and archaeology. She was a former
manager from the
Alaskan Book Cache chain. She is married to Michael Armstrong, a
science-fiction author and local writer.

When she isn't at the bookstore, Jenny is either knitting, or skiing, or playing tennis, or
marimba, or creating small works of art; sometimes she chases after exotic nudibranchs. One
of her fantasies has recently been fulfilled! She now has a house large enough where both
she and a TV
might be able to coexist.

Jenny is the calming voice of reason who keeps the other two partners from
throwing books at each other.
Sue has worked in bookstores off-and-on since she was fourteen; starting as an indentured
servant at The Bookstore. She can do it all - except she hasn't mastered working in her
sleep yet. She is married to Jim Levine, an engineer who works as a project manager
for a local contractor.

When she isn't fixing her brother's computer mistakes at the store, Sue is either horseback
riding, or skiing, or kayaking, or playing the marimba. Her favorite fantasy is to be able to
park-and-ride to work - on horseback.
Lee is closely related to Sue--in that they share the same parents. Lee has been a partner in
the Homer Bookstore since the late 1970s. They keep him around because he comes in
handy when things break--sometimes he sells books. His companion is Mary Maly, a
computer addict and co-publisher of Lee's Bone Building Books.

When he isn't arguing with the computer at work, Lee is likely to either be working with
animal bones (
www.theboneman.com), or chasing birds, or kayaking. Lee's fantasy is to
discover new tropical birds on deserted desert islands--in Kachemak Bay.
There's nothing like
a REAL book.
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